Could a life coach help you?

Could a life coach help you?

A life coach is someone who partners with you to assist you to achieve your goals. Some people are sceptical and others believe it in more than traditional therapies. However, there are some questions you should ask before receiving coaching from someone:

  • What are do they specialise in?
  • What type of training or certification do they have?
  • Why are they an authority in their field?
  • Are you open to change?
  • Are you functioning? (Because if you’re not, you will need a mental health professional)

Once you have decided coaching is right for you and you’ve narrowed it down to who you think may be a good coach, you may be set to go. Your coach will talk to you about what your goal is and where you are now and help you find a way to close the gap. It will be important to know your budget and stick to it – coaching can be very expensive.

To ensure you get what you’ve paid for there are also some things you will need to be prepared to do once you get started:

  • Be completely open and honest during the session
  • Have an open mind so you can try new practises and make the shifts you need
  • Take the next step towards your goal
  • Your homework!

And once you’re a few appointments in it’s always worth checking in with yourself to really be sure this is the right solution for you:

  • Do you have a rapport with the coach?
  • Do you feel as though they understand you?
  • Are they helping you to move you towards your goal? (You should have an understanding after a few appointments)
  • Are they listening to you and offering you their full attention?
  • Are you comfortable enough to be honest and open?

This check-in will help you decide if the coach has your best interests at heart of if there’s a hidden agenda. Search our directory to find the best life coaches to assist you.