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  • Location: Waterview (1026) Auckland Region
  • Validity: from 18 Oct 2018 to 19 Dec 2018

For the 1st time ever you can pay 1 monthly rate and attend any or all of our 21+ weekly bootcamp training sessions for the entire month. That's a massive saving! NOTE: Payments must be made on or before the 1st of each month

  • Location: Albany (0632) Auckland Region
  • Validity: from 02 Oct 2018 to 31 Oct 2018

I'm so excited to announce that for October only I will be running a very special promotion where first time clients can try the Emotion Code or EFT Tapping with me for only $50.00! (Usually $90.00 per session)

  • Location: Parnell (1052) Auckland Region
  • Validity: from 11 Sep 2018 to 01 Nov 2018

$20 off any sessions or packages. Mention this offer at time of booking at comments section during online booking or when calling us to book.

  • Location: Birkenhead (0627) Auckland Region
  • Validity: from 30 Nov -1 to 06 Sep 2018

Services Available: Haircut male Haircut female Hair color / Hair colour Hair highlights Bleach & tone

  • Location: Tauranga (3110) Bay of Plenty Region

Most of us can think of a health issue we want to resolve. We understand it can be daunting trying to solve the puzzle. This is why we invite you to get to know us before making any decisions. Have a relaxed chat with a chiropractor and discover how we can help. Book yours today, we’d love to meet you! Why choose us? 1. Understand - Education and teamwork to understand your body’s needs 2. Restore - Long-term solutions to restore your best performance 3. Enhance - Comprehensive care to ... Read more enhance your overall health

  • Location: Lower Hutt (5010) Wellington Region
  • Validity: from 22 Jun 2018 to 30 Dec 2018

It's true you can't change your genes but you can affect their expression and influence with the right nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices. Are you worried about ending up with the same health issues as your parents and grandparents?? Here is your opportunity to take a lot of the guesswork out and learn what is going on in your body. And the good news is that there is a lot you can do about it by your nutrition and lifestyle choices. Maree is a qualified Fitgenes Practitioner and does ... Read more 2 types of Gene Testing 1) Health and Well Being Profile This is a comprehensive Gene test where the 58 genes most likely to affect our health are analysed for any variations or mutations. This is done in the clinic by taking a buccal swab (cheek) and sending to Australia for testing. Cost- Health and Well Being package $750 This includes: Initial 30-minute consult to take DNA swab, discuss testing and send sample to the lab Cost DNA kit and lab processing Follow up one hour consult to discuss results of test and what can be done to enhance health Payment to be made in full at first consult by eftpos, internet banking, cheque or cash 2) Carb choice/AMY 1 This Gene test can assist and will reveal your ability to process starch. It can be the answer to a wide range of digestive health issues. AMY1 is a gene that produces the enzyme ‘amylase’. Knowing your AMY1 gene profile, you can best manage health issues, including: Weight management Diabetes Gluten intolerances Dental decay Cost- Carb Choice/AMY 1 Gene test Package $550