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Whether your a regular or have never thrown a punch in your life.. this class is for you. With focus on technique and safety we get up a great sweat, relieve stress and and a great time doing it. Get out with nature and reconnect. - Pad work, core, abs *All equipment provided. Just bring water and a smile

Weather permitting we are looking to bring another amazing session to our timetable. What better way to end a hump day than to spend time on yourself regrounding while watching the sunset over the water. Take the stress out of your life, relax, unwind, recenter and balance with a mix of Yoga, Pilates, breathing, body awareness and relaxation. Find yourself and do it for yourself. You're worth it! #FDW #FitDynamix1026 #doitforyou #newplacesnewpeoplenewopportunities #lookgoodfeelgood #namaste *Trial class

  • Location: Beach Haven (0626) Auckland Region
  • Dates: from 13 Apr 2021 to 22 May 2021

IT’S FUN FITNESS THAT WORKS WITH OUR OUTDOOR CROSS FIT BOOTCAMPS! If your goal is to reduce weight or get fit but find it challenging in a gym environment, then join our outdoors Cross Fit fitness Boot Camps in Beach Haven, Glenfield and Birkenhead! Our Body Fit Outdoor Fitness Cross Fit Bootcamps are designed for all fitness levels from athlete to couch potato. No machines, no pressure, just great outdoor exercise and fitness training with like-minded people. Experience fun but effective outdoor cross fit, boot camps based around our version of high-intensity interval training (HITT Workouts), this style of exercising impacts each and every muscle in your body, continually challenging you, and encouraging your body to adapt (get fitter, get stronger, increase tone). We offer the best of both worlds – cardio and resistance training all in one, as well as giving you the opportunity to train alongside other like-minded people who are feeling what you’re feeling. Research supports the biggest factor in achieving great results is being part of a team, group or community and we have a team that will inspire! CLAIM YOUR 7-DAY FREE TRIAL HERE Get Results and Lose Weight in 30 Days! My mission is to Motivate You, Work With You and Transform Your Body into the Best Condition Of Your Life! BENEFITS OF BODY FIT OUTDOOR CROSS FIT BOOTCAMPS INCLUDE… Training in Nature’s Playground Meet and train with a team of people Fun Fitness that works Reduce- stress, body fat and increase tone Cost effective – the value of a PT at a minimal price Before starting a Crossfit Bootcamp or group training class make sure the fitness facility takes the time to learn about your health history, fitness history, current fitness levels, and takes you through a movement assessment to reveal weaknesses that need to be addressed. Here at Body Fit your safety is our priority and we offer a FREE 30 minute consult to assess your suitability for Bootcamp.

If you’re considering going under the knife or injections, you deserve to be informed. New Zealand’s top specialists in Appearance Medicine solutions will work with you to understand your individual cosmetic needs, and then will identify solutions to achieve them. We invite you to experience the rewards of a welcoming environment where your needs and desires are our priority. Come and visit our clinic to get expert advice for all your worries about cosmetic injections.