Events for kids

  • Location: Parnell (1052) Auckland Region
  • Dates: from 30 Dec 2019 to 30 Dec 2021

If you’re considering going under the knife or injections, you deserve to be informed. New Zealand’s top specialists in Appearance Medicine solutions will work with you to understand your individual cosmetic needs, and then will identify solutions to achieve them. We invite you to experience the rewards of a welcoming environment where your needs and desires are our priority. Come and visit our clinic to get expert advice for all your worries about cosmetic injections.

  • Location: Auckland Central (1011) Auckland Region
  • Dates: from 28 Nov 2019 to 19 Dec 2019

Learn to clear the 7 most toxic emotions which lead to anxiety, depression, unhappiness and sickness. Get rid of negative emotions which keep you down, stuck or sick. This series will show you how to deal with and get rid of the 7 core emotions which play havoc in the body-mind, making you unhappy and sick, and keeping you stuck: anger, sadness, hurt, guilt, shame, fear and loneliness. Learn practical tools for mastering your wellbeing. Watch some sample free lessons or register now to join the program.

  • Location: Avenues (0110) Northland Region
  • Dates: from 05 Jul 2020 to 14 Jul 2020

Come away with me to the Philippines, July 5 - 14. Daily yoga, island hopping, hiking, biking, paddle boarding, surfing on the lush tropical island of Siarago .

  • Location: Papatoetoe (2024) Auckland Region
  • Dates: from 16 Dec 2019 to 31 Jan 2020

December and January holiday programmes. We provide fun filled action packed holiday programmes that are Oscar and Winz accredited. We do gym sports including tumbling parkour and gymnastics. Lots of graft and once a week we go on an excursion plus cook or make yummy food to eat every Wednesday The December holiday programme is form 16th - 20th The January holiday programme starts on the 6th - 31st. Long hours from 7am - 6pm or school hours 8.30am - 3.30pm

  • Location: Whangarei (0110) Northland Region
  • Dates: from 19 Mar 2020 to 09 Apr 2020

6 Day Yoga and Thai Massage Retreat With Tommy Condon Available for arrival on selected dates in 2020: 19 March 26 March 2 April 9 April Welcome to one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets. Nestled between two of New Zealand’s top 10 hikes, WHY retreat offers unsurpassed views and amazing vegetarian food. It’s not surprising that this location attracts some of the best visiting yoga teachers from around the world. We invite you to join us for this unique opportunity to experience the energy of Thai Yoga Massage. THAI YOGA MASSAGE combines broad and targeted acupressure, bending, stretching and a dance of movement on the body of the receiver. The receivers joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched, internal organs are toned, and energy is balanced. The overall effect is one of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and physical and mental well being. Your retreat includes- Massage Therapy session (1.5 hours) -The massage begins by lying face up on a mattress on the floor wearing loose fitted clothes. No oil is involved. The recipient is encouraged to breathe mindfully in order to enter a meditative state. Many people think that Thai massage is painful but with open communication between you and your masseur the experience will be very pleasant. Massage workshop (3 hours) – In this playful, therapeutic workshop we will start by doing some Partner Yoga work to warm our bodies up and to get to know each other a bit better. Next, the five elements of touch: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space will be introduced. These elements make for a more interesting and satisfying massage. Finally, under Tommy’s direction you will both give and receive a one hour Thai Yoga Massage. No previous experience is necessary. You do not need a partner to join this class as long as you are comfortable partnering with another participant. See the WHY RETREAT web page for full details and bookings.

  • Location: Howick (2010) Auckland Region
  • Dates: from 01 Jun 2019 to 30 Jun 2020

Do you wonder what makes you the way you are? Why you might have a fear, phobia or just plain curious! A session with myself, i am well qualified. trained under 3 USA teachers, and a new Zealander, ( Mrv Holster) and the Michael newton Institute which i am registered. I have been also a naturopath and many many modialites in my search for hte most powerful of all healing modialities and found our minds are amazing. In my analytical mind I have traveled over 18 yewars to many countries to see if what I myself have experienced is in fcat...FACTUAL...and my guides have agreed. I therefore also take tours over seas, Egypt, Peru,. Mexico, to name a few, so now my book "Remember Who You Are' also explains many amazing experiences I personally have had as I myself now "Remeber Who I Am'.It is empowering. So a session is around 5 hours, and once the second edition is completed i will be traveling New Zealand and happy to travel anywhere and work as a team.If you wish to know how you can get a free session and % of my earnings, get in touch with me on for more information. Also information on my other services I offer.I am also a guest speaker ( trained and certified) and inytend to travel to do not only presentations but also to teach what I have learnt that has empowered me to be where I am today. Looking forward in hearing from you. May you always be smiling in joy peace and harmony. gail Nicholls.. ND. DipClinHyp. LBL. ( TNI reg...USA).