Food is sexy, hydration is not.

Food is sexy, hydration is not.
People don’t talk about hydration.

As in - how much water they drink, the colour of their urine, their sweat rate or if they drink diuretics. And if hydration isn’t your standard discussion point, symptoms of not drinking enough water definitely aren’t.

As in – constipation and headaches.

Food is sexy, hydration is not.

Water helps our cells and organs function, promotes regular bowel motions and helps maintain our bodies desired temperature. It’s especially important for our kidneys which pass some of our bodies waste via our urine.

If our cells, organs, bowels and body temperature don’t function according to plan; it’s only a matter of time before we start playing a high stakes game which involves rolling a dice of declining health to the point of death.  

If the chance of death isn’t enough, know that water may help our skin glow, aid weight loss by helping us feel ‘full’, help us hit a 6 instead of a 4, or stay out in the surf longer.  

Whatever the selling point, water and hydration is our friend.

Most people aim for around 8 glasses of water a day, and although this may be enough for some, a lot of us need more.   

You can estimate fluid requirements and monitor hydration status. But for the everyday person the colour of your urine is an easy indicator of hydration. A transparent ‘honey’ yellow is considered normal. But regularly passing a concentrated ‘Amber’ yellow is not. Also, if you tend to get constipated or suffer from headaches, drinking more water may help.

The sun seems to be sticking around longer and hotter and hopefully you’ll be getting out and about - going to the beach, surfing, playing cricket and catching up with friends. Physical exertion, especially in hotter temperatures is likely to increase how much you sweat. Water lost in sweat should be replaced.

Catching up with friends sometimes means a beer, wine or cider.

A ‘diuretic’ is a term chucked around in reference to food and drink components that make you pee more. Alcohol is a diuretic. Not drinking enough fluids alongside alcoholic drinks may be a part of the reason you wake up with a headache after a few too many.

These activities are a part of what makes our lives fun.

But without accounting for hydration, enjoyment can be taken from them. 

Easy - It’s hot, you’re active, you will sweat - Fill up a drink bottle before you leave for your adventures.

Or - You have planned a get together - Have some water in between alcoholic drinks, before you go to bed; Or, dare I say It, don’t drink so much.

Just, drink water, It’s so simple.  

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